We don’t sleep

all the words and then the tears
from saying things that we don’t mean
because we talk but we don’t hear
as we are trying to be seen
and we already forgot what it was all about.

And so we lie awake together and we stare into the night
while between us burns the fire of the demons that we fight
as they point to one another over wrong and right.

‘and then it’s her voice calling out
and we get up to calm her mind
taking turns to fight her demons
as we leave our own behind
we don’t need to speak in words, we don’t need to talk

and so we lie awake together as the demons come to terms (and)
the flames smothered by blankets while her hands cool down the burns
taking yours and taking mine, we don’t sleep but here we are


‘cause their just fears and they are words
that don’t explain the things you mean
and so I’m here to hold you tight
and as I hold you you are seen,
you don’t need to speak in words, you don’t need to talk

As the sun washes away the starlight while we lie awake
and we find something to say that breaks the silence and the day
we get up and go our way, but our love will stay
as we go our way we know this love here to stay

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