one day

…then one day the day came,

When only you and I

Only said we’d always be

The one in all our days

and I can’t recall that since that day

there has been a single one

where it wasn’t you that’s on my mind

right before I closed my eyes.

[ can I say it out loud

ev’ry day I am proud

to have you by my side in this life ]

and I know one day the day comes

when it’s only you or I who stays

and that I will say I’m glad you are

the one with me this day


I am glad you are the one with me on this day…


up to us

I can see where we would be –
long before we go
but for now I’m in between
stuck in the how of what I’ve seen
I long to do what I’ve observed
in you so many times

Weak and weary was my spine
Your strength, you poored it into mine
so big your love so deep the hole
The space that I’d been making,
digging slowly in my heart
Wasteland for a brand new start

waiting for that one like you
to make it up to us

One step forward two steps back
Oh what it takes to grow – you,
bearer of the future past
Slowly, slowly will reset
me to the present time I know
counting all the steps to go

If I could hold a gun
I’d realize I was the one
that shot me in the knee,
Though I was running, never free.
It’s me, it’s always been, I’d see
But now it’s up to us

From the moment there was you
it has been up to us