We don’t sleep

all the words and then the tears
from saying things that we don’t mean
because we talk but we don’t hear
as we are trying to be seen
and we already forgot what it was all about.

And so we lie awake together and we stare into the night
while between us burns the fire of the demons that we fight
as they point to one another over wrong and right.

‘and then it’s her voice calling out
and we get up to calm her mind
taking turns to fight her demons
as we leave our own behind
we don’t need to speak in words, we don’t need to talk

and so we lie awake together as the demons come to terms (and)
the flames smothered by blankets while her hands cool down the burns
taking yours and taking mine, we don’t sleep but here we are


‘cause their just fears and they are words
that don’t explain the things you mean
and so I’m here to hold you tight
and as I hold you you are seen,
you don’t need to speak in words, you don’t need to talk

As the sun washes away the starlight while we lie awake
and we find something to say that breaks the silence and the day
we get up and go our way, but our love will stay
as we go our way we know this love here to stay

one day

…then one day the day came,

When only you and I

Only said we’d always be

The one in all our days

and I can’t recall that since that day

there has been a single one

where it wasn’t you that’s on my mind

right before I closed my eyes.

[ can I say it out loud

ev’ry day I am proud

to have you by my side in this life ]

and I know one day the day comes

when it’s only you or I who stays

and that I will say I’m glad you are

the one with me this day


I am glad you are the one with me on this day…


Iemand anders

We zitten samen op de fiets
de wind die waait en ik zeg niets
jij neemt de wereld in je op
hoe snel het gaat en dan weer stopt

nu ga je spelen en ontdekken op een plek die je niet kent
en dan samen alles delen, al het speelgoed, maar dat went.
en als er dan iets is en je wilt te zeggen wat je voelt
dan is het – iemand anders die wel snapt wat je bedoelt

het is nog vroeg en door het duister
lach je sprankelend, ik luister
met een vaartje op de fiets
ik breng je weg voor “maar heel even”
– maar ik vind ’t stiekem niets

Je zult er heel veel dingen anders, en nog zoveel voor het eerst
(doen) en je krijg er vieze kleren, en een griepje als het heerst
En als een ander dan eens niet leuk met je samen speelt
is het – iemand anders die jouw verdriet dan deelt

en je oefent keer op keer, tot je t kunt of nog net niet
en een ander is degene die je trotse blik dan ziet
en ook zul je eens hard vallen, of gewoon verdrietig zijn
en ik weet ik zal het voelen, een klein steekje hartepijn
…maar dan is het – iemand anders die je langs je haren streelt
– iemand anders die jou verdriet dan deelt

Maar niemand anders zal je vasthouden als ik
Nee niemand anders ziet de toekomst in jouw blik
Niemand anders weet nog hoe ontzettend klein – je was
en ik – als geen ander zal er altijd voor je zijn

My funny Valentine

 Maybe not in one of the most romantic places, the vegetable department of the supermarket. A man surprises his woman with a single beautiful rose for Valentines day. She sees the rose and says: “you brought me just one flower? Just one?” And the guy replies: “But it was very expensive!” She mutters on about one flower being to little… And doesn’t get the point.

All the things

All the things we think we have to carry
All the things we’re toiling on our backs
Only slow us down when we get higher
Only slow us down

All the things we saw and carry with us
All the things we capture in our heads
Only cloud our eyes and make us weary
Only cloud our eyes

So let them go
And trust that all you need is in your hands
you will find that all the love is in
the moments that you share
If you open up your eyes and let your heart
fill up with love that is your own

All the things we said one day we would
Always one more day until we do
All the difference that we’d be making if
Only today we would

All the things we never really cared for
All the little things that make our days
All the things we always took for granted
Only granted life

So say them loud
Those little things that make up all the change
Make them real and let them turn the wheels
of life and luck your way
Let them open up your eyes and your heart
fill up with love that is your own

up to us

I can see where we would be –
long before we go
but for now I’m in between
stuck in the how of what I’ve seen
I long to do what I’ve observed
in you so many times

Weak and weary was my spine
Your strength, you poored it into mine
so big your love so deep the hole
The space that I’d been making,
digging slowly in my heart
Wasteland for a brand new start

waiting for that one like you
to make it up to us

One step forward two steps back
Oh what it takes to grow – you,
bearer of the future past
Slowly, slowly will reset
me to the present time I know
counting all the steps to go

If I could hold a gun
I’d realize I was the one
that shot me in the knee,
Though I was running, never free.
It’s me, it’s always been, I’d see
But now it’s up to us

From the moment there was you
it has been up to us


You’re in my head, you’re on my mind
in silver linings intertwined
in all the thoughts that come across
un-coating them like dental floss

and all the ones that once were grey
you light them up and make them stray
like leaves that whirl without an end
in their attempt to never land.

you’re in my way, you block my sight
you fill my head with things I might
and things I will If I’d let you in
a little deeper than my skin

you’d bring your pen to cross my lines
and leave no trace of what confines
you’d blur the edges of my frame
to you the ins and out’s the same

you’d pull out drawers with my thoughts
the coulds and shoulds and woulds and oughts
you’d mess them up and throw them out
beyond the shadows of my doubt.